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2023-01-03 13:21:57 By : Mr. Ken Cen

The Dunlop Mutants are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to keep their road bike performing regardless of weather conditions. It has a fast warm-up time, enhanced steering control, high-speed stability and long-lasting tread life; all without compromising on wet-weather performance and grip! If you’re looking for an all-inclusive tire solution like I was then this review will provide the answers that you need.

I was lucky enough to receive a pair of Dunlop Mutants for testing. To give you some context, I use a Suzuki SV650 as my Road Bike. I usually ride in wet, cold and windy conditions so having a tyre that could deliver in all of these situations was a must. After testing, I was really impressed with the tyres. to say the least. Strong Carcass Design  

Dunlop Mutant tyres review: 5000 miles - Saffy Sprocket: Motorcycle News

However, truth be told, these aren’t my first pair of Mutant tyres, they’re actually my second. However, it’s not a surprise that I went back with the same option. In my experience, the Dunlop Mutant tyres are an ideal choice for any weather conditions. They provide excellent grip levels and are dry. So whether you’re on a 500cc road bike, an adventure bike, or even a supermoto or naked model, 17″, 18″ and 19″ rims (ranging from 150-190mm) are available for the front tire as well as 17″ at the rear ensuring that your ride will be properly fitted.

With the aim to deliver superior gripping capabilities of a hyper sports tyre, wet-weather performance of a racing wet, and lasting durability that comes with touring tyres, Dunlop is going full force into their technology. As expected though, they are remaining tight-lipped about their details. We do know however that their Jointless belt construction promises optimal stability between the tire and road contact patch.

Utilizing Rayon belts, Hisilica and advanced carcass construction provides quicker warm-up during any season. Dual compound technology also allows for more grip in softer edges with harder middles that provide longer life—so you don’t have to worry about replacing your tires due to them going bald or the profile squaring off!

In terms of performance, the Dunlop Mutants don’t disappoint. The tread is designed to be a balance between being able to offer grip in wet and dry conditions, while also maintaining reliable levels of stability. The casing construction allows for excellent handling and great feedback even at higher speeds; with the tyres retaining their shape and profile even after a long ride. The Dunlop Mutant tires also boast excellent grip in dry conditions, with its directional pattern ensuring maximum contact with the ground.

The Dunlop Mutant tyres come in a variety of different sizes, ranging from 120-190mm and 17-19 inch sizes. The Dunlop Mutant also has an optimal width range of 6.25″ – 7.3″, with the 19″ sizes having a minimum width of 6.5″. It’s always important to make sure that you get the correct tyre size for your bike, as they are designed to work in harmony with the bike and its particular characteristics.

The sizes that are available to buy are:

Dunlop Mutants are the only suitable tyre for virtually all road-style bikes (apart from cruisers and retros), along with bigger adventure models built since the early 90s. If you’re looking to remain dependable in wet or dry weather, while enjoying an extra boost of confidence on cold roads, then Dunlop Mutants are your go-to tyres! If you’re looking for a bike to use both during leisurely Sunday rides and three-season commuting, the Mutants should be right up your alley. However, if you need something more suitable for two-season touring on a fully loaded adventure or tourer that will cover motorway miles – there are other bikes out there better suited for this type of riding!

Discovering the ideal tyres for your motorcycle can be a challenging process, however, when you find one that has superior steering capabilities and offers consistent grip while maintaining excellent high-speed stability – you will have no doubt found the optimal tyre. On the other hand, if your tyres just weren’t right for you – then it would become immediately evident.

The Dunlop Mutant is a perfect example of how far modern radial tires have come – they work incredibly well and can make your ride more enjoyable regardless if you’re commuting or hitting the track. I was thrilled with my experience, as these radials showed no signs of doing anything unexpected while I rode; instead, they provided me with a smooth and steady journey from start to finish.

The Mutant’s front tyre has a ‘V-Groove’ design which optimizes water breaking and provides exceptional stability while cornering – wet or dry. The tyre’s tread pattern also helps reduce the risk of aquaplaning, which allows for a more responsive and predictable ride. Plus, the rear tyre is designed with a ‘shoulder’ profile which allows for great traction and improved cornering performance.

Dunlop’s Mutants boast that they provide the power of a racing wet tyre with the durability of road tyres. While I have never used a race wet tyre, my experiences testing these tires in rainy weather tell me otherwise – their performance is unparalleled! As any UK rider can attest to, it’s easy enough being caught unexpectedly out in inclement weather and yet the Mutants offer superior control even on those days.

Wet roads should not just be about maintaining a firm grip on the road. Subdued and gentle riding helps tyres to find traction, which is a crucial component for safe driving in such conditions. Furthermore, my greatest issue with tires that lack capabilities when it comes to wet terrain is how they can influence steering when coming into curves or roundabouts – where precision control over turns matters most of all!

When I consider tyre performance, confidence is my top priority. If the tyres are working efficiently, then they typically go unnoticed by me. That’s why I was intrigued to find out how the Mutants would fare since their tread pattern deviates from most other contemporary models of tyres. To answer that question: these tires perform just as well as any others—showing that it’s mainly due to construction rather than tread design in dry conditions at least. However, when driving in wet weather conditions, this distinct tread pattern helps move a significant amount of water and its compound warms quickly for better grip on the road surface!

So far they’ve only done 4000 miles across Europe, both on roads and muddy tracks. The Dunlop Mutants have held up brilliantly and I haven’t had to change them as of yet. Their wear rate could be considered above average, however, it’s still not as fast as many other tyres in the market. They feel great no matter how long you ride, even after a significant number of miles!

The tyre tread still looks completely new with only light wear on the central tread block and plenty of life left in them. The Mutants seem to be very durable in terms of resisting tearing, cracking or excessive wear and tear. This is great news as it means you won’t have to buy new tyres every few months like other tyres on the market.

Overall, I think that the Dunlop Mutant tyres are an excellent option for anyone looking for reliable grip in all condition scenarios – from wet roads to urban highways. With their superior handling capabilities, confidence-inspiring performance, and longer-term durability they’re definitely worth considering if you want something that will last you a while on your motorcycle adventures!

Dunlop Mutant tyres review: 5000 miles - Saffy Sprocket: Motorcycle News

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